Why choose container house ?


Advantage of modular Container House:

·Fast and Efficient

All products and components are adopted factory prefabrication, standardized production, convenient transportation and fast on-site assembly.

(3 workers, 1 crane, 10-20 units assembled per day)

·Flexible Assembly

Horizontal infinite connection, vertical free stack, vertical up to 3 layers, and can be set up stairs and platforms.

·Environment Friendly

Modules easily removable at the end of the project making the site in its initial conditions and appearance. To ensure the concept of [ zero waste [ on site.

·Safe and Comfort

The components are flexible and the overall structure is composed of light steel structure. The wall panel is adopted glass silk insulation board, and there is no cold bridge at the junction. The function of insulation and noise reduction is realized via roof and ground.


Post time: Jul-10-2018